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  • Neurodiversity & Disability Affirming

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    Neurodiversity & Disability Affirming

    Neurodiversity is a concept that embraces variations in human neurology as beautiful and nonjudgmental. In the past, individuals diagnosed with Autism, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and/or other specific conditions were viewed as having a “disorder”. The idea of neurodiversity suggests that all brains are simply wired differently, and that having a variety of neurotypes benefits our world. We are trauma-informed and respectful of sensory systems and diversity in social intelligence and learning styles.

    I also want clients with disabilities to be treated with care and dignity. My office is sensory-friendly, with your comfort in mind. We accommodate the needs of each individual – whether that is offering low lighting, using technology, fidgets or movement breaks and being ADA compliant for those with mobility issues. We are disability-informed and know the mental health impact of navigating ableism. Our office has noise-reducing walls and is on a quiet office floor. No matter the level of support needed, everyone has an inherent right to dignity, agency, and autonomy. It is important to listen to us to listen to all our client’s needs and provide accommodations.